Top 5 Benefits of Flat-Rates for Consumers

Top 5 Benefits of Flat-Rates for Consumers

With many service industries shifting gears from hourly charges to flat-rate billing models, some consumers may be left with the question of, “is this good for me?” or something along the lines of “why the switch, why right now?”

While every question you have about this change can be answered by contacting us, we wanted to let you in on a few of the major benefits our clients have been experiencing since we personally made the switch to a flat-rate billing model. Here they are:

  • Increased Rapport – The clients we switched over from being charged hourly, told us that they felt like they were building a stronger relationship with us for the flat-rate. When we asked them to explain, they informed us that they believed as their bookkeeper, a flat rate provided Business Cents more time to be able to get to know them as a client, and they did not have to worry about getting charged to be interviewed.
  • Reassurance – When first committing to an outsourced bookkeeping service, most people are skeptical… To say the least. Everyone has an idea of how long someone should spend on their books in any given week or month. It is hard for some people to understand the why behind the timeframe, leaving it even harder for them to accept the idea they will have to pay more when a project takes longer than expected. Flat rate billing takes the need for that understanding and acceptance out of the equation.
  • Decreased Worry – When being charged hourly, clients would often do their best to forget about the questions they have or google the answer instead of coming to us, the professionals who know them and truly are invested in their success. This was due to the chance of being billed whenever they would pick up the phone to talk to us. On a flat-rate model, there is no reason to worry about being billed on a per phone call basis. We understand that you will have questions and are more than happy to answer those.
  • Simplicity – Clients on our flat-rate billing model informed us of how great it was to get an invoice from us for bookkeeping and actually understand it. Our jargon and tech terms did not provide much benefit, if any but the simple layout of a monthly flat rate invoice from Business Cents ensured that they knew exactly what they were being charge for. It’s prevented the need of having to take up client time to review invoices with them while they should be out spending their newfound time growing their business.
  • Increased Value – Our clients started to realize that we were putting more time into their bookkeeping and QuickBooks projects. Instead of rushing through things to ensure they were happy with the price, we started taking the time needed to investigate and ask the right questions. That has allowed us to provide stellar customer service and industry expertise like not many can.

Here at Business Cents, we understand that you are not coming to us to purchase increments of our time. You come to us to provide you with something priceless, more time to do the things you love. Whether that be more time to work on your business in different aspects, giving you the chance to take a three day weekend every once in awhile, letting you find time to coach your kids in sports, or to simply take your loved one away to remind them how much they mean to you. All of this can be done without the burden of the bookkeeping bird sitting on your shoulder reminding you how much work you have waiting for you in your office.

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