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Who knew a 30 second fix could save hours!
November 13, 2017

The entire Business Cents team has made the conversion from an old, confusing DOS based system to QuickBooks Enterprise much simpler than I would have ever thought. As a family owned business, we chose to work with Business Cents because their level of customer service is not surpassed by anyone in this area or industry. I used to take the time to print out each invoice, add and color a smiley face (a testament to our customer service,) then rescan the invoice and send to the client. This used to be a real time suck during billing, but the Business Cents team recognized that during the system implementation planning, and they automated my smiley face! This saves me countless hours on billing, which allows me to spend that time focusing on growing my business.

I would recommend Business Cents to any company that is timid about a software switch, they walk you through it entirely and are there along the way. While there may be some wrenches thrown in the mix, their team is highly trained and experienced and can develop any work around needed to adhere to your specific process, including a sincere smiley on an invoice.