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QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

If you’re responsible for managing payroll for a small business, you may worry about making costly errors. Failing to calculate withholdings correctly or file taxes precisely can have expensive consequences. Fortunately, payroll doesn’t have to be difficult. Business Cents specializes in matching you with the right QuickBooks payroll services for small business. For customized payroll services, Spokane, WA, businesses have turned to us for over a decade. Whether you want a completely do-it-yourself setup with occasional consulting, an entirely outsourced payroll service, or something in between, we can provide both the expert advice you need to get started and the ongoing help you need.

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Business Cents has the expertise to not only advise you on the correct Intuit products for your business but also to train you how to get the most out of your system.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

For businesses already using QuickBooks Online, adding payroll is a snap—it is built right into the application you’re already using. (If you’re not using QuickBooks yet, we can help with that too!) Having your payroll integrated into your online accounting software offers considerable advantages. It saves you valuable time, because your data stays in sync, automatically updating your books whenever you run payroll. Your Intuit online payroll login is the same as your QuickBooks login because they are the same thing. There’s no need to remember a separate password. QuickBooks Online Payroll also allows you to run payroll from any internet-enabled device, freeing you to take care of payroll from wherever you are.

With QuickBooks Online Payroll, you just enter your employees’ hours, and you get instant, accurate payroll calculations. Pay your workers via free direct deposit. The software stays up to date with the latest federal, state, and local tax rates so you don’t have to worry about missing any changes. It also calculates your payroll taxes and reminds you when to pay.

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

With Assisted Payroll, your Federal and State payroll tax forms are completed and filed for you. Your Federal and State tax payments are also made for you.

All you have to do is enter the employee setup information each time you hire a new employee and enter the hours for each pay period.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Does your business use QuickBooks Desktop? Business Cents is certified as QuickBooks ProAdvisors on Desktop products as well, so we can match you with the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll solution that will give you the correct functionality for your business requirements.

The Right Solution for You

If you’re not sure what’s the best way to handle payroll, Business Cents can help. We’ll sit down with you and go over what you need to be able to do, your internal resources, and your comfort level with handling payroll tasks in-house. Some of the most common reasons to outsource payroll are to save time and to bring in professional expertise for safety, security, and accuracy. Should you decide that outsourcing your payroll makes the most sense, as many businesses do, we can provide personalized, friendly, ongoing service. If you’re already outsourcing but would like to switch, we can transfer your data seamlessly from your current provider.

At Business Cents, we tailor our advice to the unique requirements of your business. Our experience in manufacturing, retail, professional services, construction, healthcare, realty, and more gives us the expertise to pinpoint your optimal solution. We know what it takes to run a small business because we are one too. We let you focus on your business rather than fretting over the details of paying your employees by supplying the payroll solutions WA companies need. Contact us today to find out how Business Cents can help you.

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