Quickbooks Point of Sale Desktop EMV is Finally Here!

Quickbooks Point of Sale Desktop EMV is Finally Here!

QuickBooks released R6 for the QuickBooks Point of Sale V12 product. With the release of R6 QuickBooks Point of Sale now has the ability to take Chip cards. In other words, with this release QB-POS V12 is EMV Ready!

By now, you are aware of the chip technology (EMV) that newer credit cards contain.  Chip cards reduce fraud. With older credit cards that have a magnetic stripe on the back, all of the information you need to clone the card is readily available to be read and used.  With the new chip technology, once you insert your card, the chip is powered up and sends a bit of information to the processor.  The processor validates that the information is correct and then transmits information back that actually gets written to the chip.  Since the information changes with each transaction, it is almost impossible to clone a physical card. The technology has been in use in Europe for more than 10 years, and the fraud there is a small percentage of what credit card fraud has been here in the United States over the same time period.

“What took so long?”  The banks started the transition last October but Intuit is just now making the change.  It took a lot of effort and all the POS software vendors tried to get certified at the same time.  Intuit made the decision that if a merchant swiped a chip card, Intuit and not the merchant would bear the responsibility for any fraudulent transactions, since Intuit wasn’t ready.

What do you need to do to be EMV ready?  First of all, if you haven’t already done so, your business needs to upgrade to V12.  Intuit has made the decision that ONLY V12 will be EMV compliant.  The next step is to update the software to R6. Merchants must also have an EMV-ready chip reader.  Intuit uses the Ingenico IPP350.  If you are using the IPP350, you will have to swap it out with a newer version from Intuit that contains the correct software to read the EMV cards.  If your business is still using a mag stripe reader (the little black rectangle with the green light), then they will need to buy an IPP350.

Now that QB-POS is EMV compliant, the liability for fraud moves to the merchant.  What that means is if you swipe a chip card at your business and that transaction is fraudulent, your business will eat that charge.


Business Cents is here to help you navigate this change!  We can explain all the ins and outs.  We can get you the best price on software to upgrade and the hardware necessary to read the chip cards.  We can help you install what you need to accept the chip cards and train you and your staff.

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