QuickBooks Online and Merchant Service Options – Part 2

QuickBooks Online and Merchant Service Options – Part 2

Today, we will cover how to set up the GoPayments App and Import transaction into QuickBooks Online. Where this process may sometimes seems confusing is in the Importing of Transactions into QuickBooks Online.

EMV Chip Reader


What is the Gopayments App?

The GoPayments App is the user’s method for accepting electronic payment via your mobile platform which is processed through the QuickBooks Payment Merchant Service account. We covered QuickBooks Payment Merchant Service in last week’s blog where we discussed the setup of a new account inside QuickBooks Online, or linking an existing QuickBooks Payment Merchant Service account to your QuickBooks Online.

In Combination with the GoPayments App users can process payments with the EMV Chip reader allowing them to accept payments on these new bank/credit cards.

In order to realize the benefit of the EMV chip reader it is necessary to use an EMV chip reader on your mobile device.  Currently only the EMV mobile chip reader (shown above) is available for use with QBO and GoPayments (even though Intuit offers a desktop EMV chip reader for their Point-of-sale software).   Additional EMV devices are on the horizon and will be available in the future.  But for now, it is important to use the EMV reader on your mobile device.

How to Setup GoPayment App:

1) On your Mobile Device download QuickBooks GoPayment App

Go Payments Ap


2)  Open App and Sign In

Quickbooks Ap


TIP: Some have created a QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services account in the app so in this case you will still NEED to connect QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services to QuickBooks Online.

3) If using GoPayments App for the first time Check the Setting > QuickBooks Payments > Verify Bank account numbers

Verify Bank Accounts



4) Ready to Take Payments – Open App and Connect the EMV Chip Reader to Phone to process Payments

EMV Chip Reader


Importing Payments – Record Transaction in QuickBooks Online

There are several reasons a user may want to Import transactions into QuickBooks Online and the process is pretty simple. These are the steps to Import GoPayments Transactions as either a received payment or sales receipt into QBO:

1) First from the Company Gear Icon > select Import GoPayments

Import GoPayments


2) Next Select Recent GoPayment Transactions to record and choose to either Receive Payment or CreateSales Receipt

GoPayment Transaction Record

You don’t have to Import the Transaction into QuickBooks Online. You can record bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online the traditional way even if you receive a mobile payment or even rely on QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds to close Invoices and Record Deposits but if you have several invoices for a particular customer this process could get messy to keep matched up.

We can help you with any aspect of this setup.  Contact us to arrange a free ½ Hour Consultation!

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