How to Use Quickbooks More Effectively for Small Businesses

How to Use Quickbooks More Effectively for Small Businesses

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Quickbooks can help you to do your accounting and bookkeeping more quickly, provided that you use it right. We look at how to use Quickbooks more efficiently.

There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S. alone.

Whether you’re already running one of them or are thinking about starting your own small business, figuring out how to manage your finances can be a challenge. While QuickBooks can make it easier, the program comes with a learning curve.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to use QuickBooks more effectively, keep reading for a few simple tips. 

Choose the Right Quickbooks Option

One big mistake that many small businesses make when they first use Quickbooks is choosing the wrong Quickbooks program.

There are several different QuickBook options on the market. 

QuickBooks Self-employed

If you’re the only employee of your small business, then the QuickBooks Self-employed program might be a good choice.

This program will help you track revenue and stay ahead on how much you owe on your taxes.

Quickbooks Online

With more features and options than QuickBooks Self-employed, QuickBooks Online is an advanced program that might be a good choice for new small businesses. It can be used to track expenses and income, manage bills, and even create profit reports. 

This program is cloud based, which is great for working on the go. The program also features a plus version that includes inventory tracking and the ability to print 1099s. 

QuickBooks Premier

As your business grows and expands, with more sales and more employees to manage, you may find yourself in need of more features from QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Premier offers all of the features of QuickBooks online, but with a few extras. This includes industry-specific options for general contractors, manufacturing, wholesale, and more.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a complete, end-to-end management software.

While this program is more advanced than most small businesses need, it’s a good idea to be familiar with its features in case you decide that you need more functions and options once your business begins to grow.

Learn Some Shortcuts

Once you’ve picked the right QuickBooks software option for you, it’s time to start learning all of the softwares functions.

While QuickBooks will walk you through the basics of these functions, one thing you’ll want to research a bit more are the programs shortcuts.

QuickBooks shortcuts can help you save tons of time when inputting inventory, bills, payroll, and more. They can also help you ensure that you’re using all of your software’s functions rather than cutting corners.

Customize Your Icon Bar

Like learning shortcuts, customizing your icon bar will help you make QuickBooks work better for your business.

Your icon bar gives you access to the functions you use the most. That way you won’t waste any time searching for them and have more time to spend on the other small business duties you need to attend to. 

Learn How to Use Quickbooks Effectively

These skills and tricks are far from the only things you need to learn about QuickBooks. 

You could try to teach yourself everything you need to know about using your chosen QuickBooks program. But the best way to learn QuickBooks is from the pros.   

With QuickBooks training, you’ll learn all of the tricks and shortcuts that will help you make the most of all of the QuickBooks functions you’re paying for. This can help streamline your business operations, help you keep more comprehensive records, and more.

If you’re ready to start learning how to use QuickBooks more effectively for your small business, check out our QuickBooks training today.

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