How Business Cents Inc Helped a Construction Firm

How Business Cents Inc Helped a Construction Firm

Business Cents was introduced to a construction firm who has found great success in the Midwest by one of our close referring partners. They were working with this client in a different aspect, when the client’s need of a QuickBooks specialist came to light. While no one is thrilled to talk about resolving bookkeeping issues, this client understood the importance of accurate numbers and their ability to be depended on. The owner and husband scoffed every time he pulled a report, because he was certain that those numbers did not reflect how busy he was or how big his bank account was becoming.  He had no way to obtain an accurate representation of how his business was doing, which prevented him from taking some opportunities that may have put him out on top in his industry.

They had been in business for forever and the husband and wife duo were both self-taught in QuickBooks, which led them to the success they are experiencing today. When we found each other, the firm was hitting a growth ceiling and they hired us to help them break through it. They needed dependable reports and processes that are scalable. Along with the ability to recognize what service segment had the highest profit, to know where to reinvest profits.

While evaluating their current state, we determined that the existing solution of QuickBooks Desktop was going to best fulfil their needs and requirements. We dug in and uncovered some improper use of QuickBooks and its functionality in a QBReview. We worked through the errors in the past data and worked with the client and his wife to re-train them on the most efficient and cost-effective way of maneuvering inside the program as well as on a few processes that simply needed to be refined due to the updates within QuickBooks.

They needed their chart of accounts customized in a way that would make sense to them and their business coach, and their financial reports needed some work as well. During the onboarding process, we interviewed them and ensured we had a solid understanding of what they were looking for and our ability to deliver such.

After working with us to re-vamp their software solution and their internal use of it, this contracting firm is now accurately job costing, can forecast income like never before, does not have a worry about cash flow AND has reports that provide an accurate representation of their businesses health.

If this story sounds like one you should have starred in, or the problems they were facing are the same in your business, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help.

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