Gift Card Giveaway

How It Works

We have posts all over social media right now that you can like, share and comment on which will get your name entered into a random name generator! The real kicker is if you refer someone you know to schedule with us, your name gets entered a whopping FIVE times when they drop it. At the end of the quarter, only one name will be that of a winner.

You will be contacted through the social media channel you follow us most actively on if we don’t have other contact information for you. Once your FAVORITE restaurant* is duly noted, consider your gift card on it’s way!

1 Like, Comment or Share = 1 Entry     1 Friend who Schedules = 5 Entries

Who Is Eligible

In short, EVERYONE who has a social media profile who can find our pages and posts about the contest & EVERYONE who knows someone who would benefit from scheduling a conversation with us. We can help everyone from Uber Drivers to business owners who are in need of CFO level oversight. No need to be in our local area either, we can help you from wherever you just happen to be located.


* If you would rather have a donation to your FAVORITE charity in your name instead, we can totally do that!

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