Find Out How to File your DOR in Washington!

If you are a business owner who files their Department of Revenue in Washington on a monthly basis, you probably already know what I am talking about. You’ve gotten emails explaining that their new platform inside of Secure Access Washington called “My DOR,” was launched March 19th, 2018, and they extended the due date of all February tax return to March 5th. If you are anything but, then you probably have seen something about it and still, have questions.

Here are some great how to’s and links to help you get going:

How to create your SecureAccess Washington account to get to MyDOR: 

  1. Navigate to and click login
  2. Click Sign Up 
  3. Follow and fill out the onscreen prompts and you will receive an email with further instruction!

Link to WA Dept. of Revenue Video Tutorial:

Once you have your account setup, you will need to:

Add access to your Tax Account:

Prior to beginning, please be sure you have your UBI(Account) Number as well as your Letter ID that can be found on your communication with the Department of Revenue.

  1. Once logged in to your SAW Account, navigate to “I Want To,” find and click + View more
  2. Under “Manage Settings” choose Add Access to a Licensing or Tax Account Add Access to a Tax Account > NEXT 
  3. On this screen, enter your UBI(Account) Number and Letter ID where indicated > NEXT
  4. On the confirmation screen, review the information and Submit > OK

Link to WA Dept. of Revenue Video Tutorial:

When beginning to work with Business Cents, we will ensure that your account is correctly setup and simply add ourselves as a user to ensure that if a password reset is ever necessary, it is our own and not yours! Knowing how to add an additional user is great and we wanted to share that with you!

Add a new user to your SecureAccess Washington account: 

  1. Once logged in to your SAW Account, navigate to “I Want To,” find and click Add or remove users 
  2. Select the account you want to add the user to and click Confirm 
  3. On the page appearing, click Add User 
  4. From the user information screen, enter the user ID and Email Address associated with your new user and click Next (Business Cents will provide you with ours when needed)
  5. Choose the correct level of access and click Next 

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