Bookkeeping Packages

Is QuickBooks Online included in my bookkeeping package?

No, we offer the online subscriptions as an add on to our packages.  Prices can vary depending on the subscription you choose.  Call or email us if you have questions. We like our customers to be in complete control of their  financial information, so each of our clients have their own subscription.

Why is there a $5 charge for handwritten checks?

Currently there is no way to get the information in via a streamlined process.  For each handwritten check, it must be manually entered and classified.  This can be time consuming, hence the additional cost for handwritten checks.

What happens after the proposal is signed?

After our client on-boarding team receives a signed proposal you will receive an email outlining the things that we need to get started. Our client care team and bookkeepers will meet to discuss you and your business and make sure that general list is everything needed to get started.  After this internal meeting our on-boarding specialist will reach out to you for your kick off meeting. Then our bookkeepers take it from there, get things set up and moving!

How do I get started with Business Cents Bookkeeping?

Getting started is super simple! Schedule a free consultation to get started.  You can do so by clicking here  or by hitting appointment on the top menu bar.  It is the first step of our process. From there you will receive a proposal outlining the price and will continue with our on-boarding!

Tax Questions

Business Cents does taxes now?

Yes!  This is a new service we are so excited to offer.

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