Software for Your Small Business

As a previous manufacturing business owner, Business Cents’ president Steffanie Anderson understands what small-business manufacturers need to improve the management of inventory, invoicing, cost of goods, tracking, waste, customer relations and more. As industry experts, we are ready to work with you to customize software and accounting solutions that work for your organization and your budget.

Choose the Software That’s Right for You

Once you’ve chosen the best solution for you, we are ready to install and configure your software as well as train you with classes, tutorials and support. We will also work with you on achieving ISO Compliance, sparing you headaches and fines in the long run. Here at Business Cents we understand the tools and resources specific to the manufacturing industry you need to function.  Our certified consultants are capable of creating customized solutions and workarounds to meet the unique demands of your business.

Case study: Read about how we recently helped a small Spokane manufacturer in our white paper “Helping Small Manufacturers”.