Software for Your Small Business

As a previous manufacturing business owner, Business Cents’ president Steffanie Anderson understands what small-business manufacturers need to improve the management of inventory, invoicing, cost of goods, tracking, waste, customer relations and more. As industry experts, we are ready to work with you to customize software and accounting solutions that work for your organization and your budget.

Choose the Software That’s Right for You

Once you’ve chosen the best solution for you, we are ready to install and configure your software as well as train you with classes, tutorials, and support. We will also work with you on achieving ISO Compliance, sparing you headaches and fines in the long run. Here at Business Cents we understand the tools and resources specific to the manufacturing industry you need to function.  Our certified consultants are capable of creating customized solutions and workarounds to meet the unique demands of your business.

Manufacturers of all scale—large, medium, or small—all share a common need: there is a necessity to properly take account of all the processes that go into the designing, manufacturing and assembly of your product. While large manufacturers are able to splurge the cash on expensive accounting solutions, the best sole proprietor accounting software is what is needed for small businesses, even newly established startups, to succeed.

Why You Need A Manufacturing Accounting Software

As a small business owner, you may be tempted to minimize costs and take manual inventory and carry out all accounting processes by hand. This is an unsustainable plan that leads, more often than not, to disruption in manufacturing operations due to financial irregularities.

Consider the following, just a few of the exhaustive reasons to choose an accounting solution for your small manufacturing business.

Tracking Transactions

Keep an eye on expenses and revenue in real time. Record transactions as they occur, and create a detailed, well-formatted outlook of your company’s financial activity.  With easy to use interfaces, you can classify expenses and revenues, over the period in review, appropriately for bookkeeping purposes

Informed Budgeting and Long-Term Planning

Keep an eye on the way money moves in and out of your business (cash flow) over a specific period of time, and make financial decisions based on the strength of this knowledge. With comprehensive tracking of assets and liabilities, as well as payroll and accounts payable and receivable you can begin to budget for the next manufacturing cycle.

By having an accurate picture of your business’s strengths and weaknesses, you can make viable long-term plans that factor in these variables. Employing accounting software helps reduce the element of human error in financial planning.

Inventory Tracking

Leverage real-time tracking of your inventory and supplies—keeping a finger, so to speak, on the pulse of your enterprise. For a manufacturing firm, running out of stock is something you cannot afford, or else you get an expensive halt in production and revenue.

Manufacturing firms can enjoy the comprehensive tracking accounting software provide: highlighting best-selling products: tracking vendor orders; managing taxes, and tracking total sales.

Choose an accounting software that provides you premium value at an affordable price—inventory tracking, is perhaps the most critical part of the business’s operation and cannot be ignored or handled haphazardly.

Statutory Compliance

Avoid running afoul of the taxman and industry-specific regulations due to poor bookkeeping. With the right software, you can run automated reports, which generate accurate tax filings for your convenience.

What to Consider When Choosing a Manufacturing Accounting Software

When choosing the optimal accounting software for manufacturing small business owners must consider certain key features to guarantee functionality and efficiency.

  • Customized To Suit Your Business

For small businesses, your business needs may differ from the norm—so your business’s accounting software must be tailor-made to suit your needs. Your unique business processes, payroll needs, and manufacturing costs must be accounted for proper bookkeeping and accounting purposes.

Review the software’s operation and see if it meets the specific needs of your manufacturing business. An accounting solution that has been adopted by manufacturers in your industry should rank high among your choices, as this connotes functionality.

  • Scalability

The goal of every business is growth and expansion; your choice of accounting software must be adaptable to growth. Choose a manufacturing accounting solution that can be scaled to meet manufacturing processes on a larger scale.

  • Security

Your accounting software must be secure, with multiple layers of encryption and protection to prevent external manipulation of data. Improper accounting and bookkeeping can lead to financial ruin, a secure platform is a necessity.  A proper backup and recovery protocol must also be in place, to prevent critical data loss.

  • Accessibility

A software that prides itself as the best sole proprietor accounting software for the budding manufacturer must cater to such an entrepreneur’s needs. With a busy schedule, such an accounting software must be accessible on the go, making a cloud-based platform a necessity for small business owners. Accessible anywhere and anytime in the world, a cloud-based manufacturing accounting software allows transaction and financial processes to be tracked even at inopportune times.

How to Choose Right Software for You

Business Cents’ President, Stefanie Anderson, gained her start as a manufacturing business owner, and understands the challenges and needs of small-business manufacturers. We help business owners choose the best accounting software for their company’s needs, and provide custom solutions when needed.

Our range of services includes, installation and maintenance of the perfect accounting software for your business, comprehensive tutorials and constant support services to ensure a seamless transition.

Contact us today to pick the perfect accounting software for your manufacturing business today.

Case study: Read about how we recently helped a small Spokane manufacturer in our white paper “Helping Small Manufacturers”.