Helping Contractors – White Paper

A case study in contractor accounting and QuickBooks software

When Brush, Roll & Spray**, a small family-owned company in Spokane, Washington, found Business Cents, the painting contracting firm had been in business for about a year and a half. A friend had been doing their accounting and payroll (without QuickBooks software), and the owners were concerned that the results were not timely or accurate.

The company’s first positive change was to purchase QuickBooks Online. Their second positive change was to call Business Cents and ask about our bookkeeping services. Once we knew more about Brush, Roll & Spray’s unique situation, we were able to develop a plan tailored just for them! This plan consisted of several factors:

  • Clean and recreate their bookkeeping to allow for meaningful data analysis
  • Provide tutorials and training in plain language
  • Implement QuickBooks online payroll and create quarterly reports
  • Continue assessment, education and advancement with ongoing regular meetings

With our Intuit experts and Pro Advisor staff, Business Cents was able to clean up and recreate Brush, Roll & Spray’s first year and a half of data. This allowed the company to run meaningful reports that provided accurate data for the first time.

We trained the owners at Brush, Roll & Spray how to use QuickBooks to enter estimates and invoices, and how to send those documents to clients quickly and easily. (We look forward to the possibility of Brush, Roll & Spray growing into the use of Knowify as they continue to succeed.)

Importantly, we don’t speak “accountant-ese” to Brush, Roll & Spray — or any of our clients. Instead we use plain, simple language to explain what went wrong, how to fix it, and how to move forward efficiently and accurately. One of our primary goals at Business Cents is to educate clients and empower them (you!) to expand one’s current financial intelligence. That’s why we offer QuickBooks tutorials and other training opportunities, to help small businesses increase their understanding of bookkeeping practices.

Brush, Roll & Spray has now opted to let Business Cents complete their QuickBooks online payroll as well — another of many bookkeeping services we provide. This system allows the painting contractors to easily access and enter employee hours while Business Cents processes payroll and quarterly reports. The owners love the fact that they can now spend their time and energy following their expertise and passion — beautifying the buildings and homes of Spokane!

Finally, Business Cents is continuing to educate the owners of Brush, Roll & Spray at monthly client meetings, where we train them on calculating profit margins and answer a wide variety of questions about running their business and making sure they prosper moving forward.

At Business Cents, we’re happy to tackle questions specific to Intuit QuickBooks and other software, as well as more general questions about accounting and bookkeeping for contractors and other small businesses. As with Brush, Roll & Spray, we create a unique plan for each of our clients, based on each company’s unique situation and challenges.


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**NOTE: At Business Cents, client confidentiality is key. That’s why we use pseudonyms when sharing our success stories.