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clean up accounting booksThere is no better time than now for getting your books cleaned up. Here at Business Cents, we have a decade’s worth of experience Book cleaning up the messiest of books–and are here, happy to help.   Let our QuickBooks and  accounting expertise help make your business stronger.
Clean books are essential if you are planning on growth in your business.  Having a clear and concise reports such as your balance sheet, and profit and loss statement can make the loan approval process much smoother if necessary. If you have enough clean data and using QuickBooks Online, you may even qualify for QuickBooks Capital, financed by Intuit.
Additionally, clean books make it possible to determine cash flow,  and check on your businesses financial health at-a-glance.  With accurate and up-to-date accounting, you can determine what areas your business are strong or weak, and begin to focus on strengthening targeted areas of your business.  
Much like a doctor visit, you cannot be treated without being diagnosed. For this reason, we believe in starting out with a comprehensive evaluation of your QuickBooks or ZOHO Books; pinpointing the nature and cause of any issue.  This allows our experts to develop a map of possible strategies, and to help you understand what it is we are really doing!
Below are some of the areas examined:
Bank Reconciliations

Chart of Accounts

Billable Time

Vendor List

Accounts Receivable


Inventory Items

Once this review is completed  , a Business Cents Bookkeeper con review the findings with you and offer suggestions on how to move forward. The cleanup is then scheduled and review meeting set. Our accounting and bookkeeping clean up experts will follow the plan presented and ensure that your books reflect the current state of your company.   This process starts with a free consultation, so why not schedule one today?

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