Janice Skredsvig – Consultant

Janice-SkredsvigJanice functions as one of our power consultants, installing and configuring Intuit QuickBooks software for Business Cents’ clients. She excels at helping small businesses see new ways of doing things and loves helping clients climb the learning curve towards improved processes and higher profits.

Janice brings with her 13 years of experience in Introspective Transformational Business Process Change as well as 10 years of experience as Chief Informational Officer of a private company, improving internal processes.

“Software is a tool to help people,” Janice explains. Businesses often can’t see the bookkeeping ruts they’re stuck in until they try something different.

What Janice enjoys most about working in collaboration with Business Cents is that she gets to work with an extremely bright team that’s motivated to help clients. She also appreciates the virtual business model they’ve created together as well as the strong, long-term business relationships Steffanie has developed and nurtured over the years. Together, Janice and Business Cents are able to bring everything together for each client’s unique accounting solution!

Outside of her consulting career, Janice and her husband founded and continue to nurture the thriving Fijian-owned Cooperative Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing on Qamea Island in Fiji. Janice says of life, “When you don’t get too involved in the corporate grind, you get a chance to see what else is out there in the world and explore it.”