Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin – Office Administrator

Anna GriffinAs the office administrator here at Business Cents, Anna is who you see when you come in and probably who you talk to when you call. She works on our internal processes while she looks forward to her work improving our client’s workflows while implementing technology wherever possible. She loves providing our clients with the peace of mind needed to “leave work at work.”

After being injured on the job as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Anna found her passion for IT and how it really does benefit others. She is currently perusing a BS in Information Technology and has studied Human Sciences and Communications previously. She finds the most satisfaction from her relationships with friends and family, along with helping others. Since her family has been the recipient of incredible generosity and kindness, they feel it is crucial to pay it forward whenever possible.

Anna owns and operates a cosmetic company named Shine On Cosmetics, that specializes in handcrafted lotions, balms and soaps. When she is not in her soap studio you will find her nose in a book or hours into a board game stand off with her husband. They have recently begun the process of becoming foster parents, which they are extremely excited about.

You may have been able to guess it with her background, but her dream trip would be to attend a series of “Cons” with her family in awesome costumes.